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Lumify 7.5ml Redness Reliever Eye Drops


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Line your lids with safe and gentle ingredients to promote healthier, fuller-looking lashes with continued use.


LUMIFY is a redness reliever like no other. Before LUMIFY, redness relievers pretty much used the same ingredients for decades, and they had certain side effects. But then there was a break-through: eye doctors figured out that low-dose brimonidine tartrate could help relieve redness with a lower risk of certain side effects when used as directed. That’s how low-dose brimonidine became the star ingredient in LUMIFY – and your little secret for amazing-looking eyes.


1 review for Lumify 7.5ml Redness Reliever Eye Drops

  1. Danielle Van de Ven

    There isn’t a single product on the market that does what this drop does. Gives you that brighter than printer paper whiteness with just one drop in each eye (15mins before I put my contacts in). Perfect for those mornings when you haven’t gotten enough sleep, or just before a night out with some glam make-up. Rumour has it that a ton of celebrity make-up artists swear by this product for their clients before major events and red carpets.

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Healthy, beautiful eyes, all around.


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