What is Radiofrequency Facial?

If you’re looking for a refresh, our Forma radiofrequency facial is a non-invasive, painless approach to skin tightening with absolutely no downtime. Our medical aesthetician uses a specialized InMode device called Forma to apply radio waves to your skin. Those waves give off heat that encourage your skin to create more collagen and elastin to rejuvenate your skin over time, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Radio Frequency | Firming Facial

60 Min

Forma high frequency firming facial is an effective skin tightening treatment that uses radio-frequency (RF) technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. It targets your fat cells and is delivered by a precise applicator head designed to match the contours of your face or neck. The RF energy stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves your skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and tightens your skin with longer lasting results.


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while firming and tightening the skin
  • A non-invasive alternative to surgical face lift
  • Safe, comfortable and painless
  • No downtime

What to Expect

Radiofrequency facials are 60 minutes in length. Slight facial redness is possible for up to 24 hours after the treatment. You will see results in 6 to 8 treatments.

If you are pregnant, could be pregnant or suffer from rosacea, this treatment is not recommended.