What is ZEST Eyelid Cleaning System?

To get a deep, yet gentle, cleansing of the eyelashes and exfoliation of the eyelids, we use a Zocular Eyelid System Treatment (also known as ZEST) developed by Zocular®. This treatment system involves the application of a patented activated okra gel with a micro sponge applicator to clear away dead skin cells, debris, demodex and biofilm in the eye area that cause inflammation and irritation.


  • Improves eyelid hygiene
  • Targets debris causing inflammation and or irritation
  • A quick and painless way to seek immediate relief
  • Can prevent the presence of demodex (eyelash mites)

Who is it for?

ZEST is an effective treatment for anyone experiencing dry eye symptoms due to a Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (or other causes), blepharitis or demodex. This treatment can also be helpful for any patients with irritated eyes due to a build up of dirt and debris on their eyelids – or anyone experiencing eye discomfort from seasonal allergies.

Zocular can be used on both children and adults suffering from dry and sensitive eyes.

How does it work?

ZEST okra-based gel soothes irritation and inflammation by cleansing bacteria, debris and oils from the eyelash line. During the treatment the eyelid margin is deeply cleansed with gentle gel and a microsponge, using circular motions. Once the gel reaches a lather it’s rinsed off with saline solution. ZEST is performed prior to in-office treatments such as Lipiflow, radiofrequency or IPL to start off with a clean ocular surface and remove any debris before your treatment begins. It can also be performed as a standalone treatment.

What to expect

This procedure is quick and painless – it will feel like an eyelash shampoo treatment! You can expect immediate relief from a Zocular Eyelid System treatment after 1-2 sessions. Your doctor may recommend at home maintenance with Blephaclean or Blephadex lid wipes

Before & After